ADEN, 2nd October, 2016 (WAM)–The Yemeni government has denounced the Houthi militia and Saleh group for targeting the UAE civil ship “Swift”, owned by UAE Marine National Dredging Company, leased by the Arab Coalition.

The ship was on a routine trip to and from the city of Aden to deliver medical and relief aid, and evacuate the wounded civilians in order to complete their treatment outside Yemen.

The Yemen official news agency quoted the government as saying in a statement that “this is a terrorist attack that violates the international laws. It is also a clear violation of humanity and a flagrant aggression against life.”

The Yemeni government deemed this incident a crime and threat not only to the security of the Yemeni coast, but also a clear threat to the international security.

It added that the coup militias plan to carry out more terrorist attacks to target the civil international navigation and relief ships at the Bab Al-Mandab waterway.

The Government thanked the Arab coalition for contributing to the implementation of a series of charitable, development and reconstruction projects in Yemen, particularly in the areas of health, education, housing and public utilities as well as its great efforts to restore the legitimacy, security and stability to all the cities and governorates of Yemen.