RIYADH, 20th August, 2016 (WAM)–Prime Minister of Yemen, Dr. Ahmed Obaid bin Dhager, has commended the role of Arab Coalition, led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, for its timely intervention to tackle the Houthi coup d’etat, and support the legitimate government of Yemen.

While meeting with the Governor of Aden, Major General Aidarus al-Zubaidi, in Riyadh, the Yemen’s PM called for doubling efforts to bolster the security and stability in Aden and track down the remnant of subversive elements to eradicate them, citing the recent victories, of which the recent was the major army victory in Abyan governorate.

They discussed the security, economic and service situation in the governorate, especially oil derivatives, electricity, health and water.

Bin Dagher said that the government was exerting efforts to solve these problems through provision of permanent electricity in the governorate and solving other service problems.

The Yemen PM thanked the governor and the security authorities for their efforts during these difficult circumstances, pledging more government support to the governorate.

For his part, the Governor of Aden reviewed the latest security developments including the seizure of sleeping cells in the governorate. He added that the governorate has restored the normalcy and public tranquility.

He noted that the Indian Consulate has opened in Aden to become the first consulate to resume its activities. It will also speed up travel procedures for citizens, and alleviate the suffering of injured who seek to continue treatment abroad.