NEW YORK, Yemen has officially requested the UN Security Council to supervise Al Hodeida port and take it away from the hands of the Houthi militias in order to ensure timely and safe delivery of merchandise for Yemeni people who are suffering under the grip of the coup perpetrators.

This came in an official letter sent recently by the Yemeni Permanent Delegate to the United Nations, Khalid Al Yamani, who briefed the UNSC members on the malpractices of the Houthi militias, who, he said, denied 19 oil tankers loaded with 200,000 tonnes of byproducts, access to the port, keeping them in the docking area outside the terminal.

The ambassador explained that the Iran-backed militias are denying vessels entry to the port to offload their cargo and in the same time delaying the arrival of all oil tankers that are loaded with shipments sent by companies that are not working for them, purposefully leading to a fall in the supply of oil byproducts on market, ultimately triggering a price hike across all the areas still under their control.

Since 2014, the ambassador said, the Houthi militias have been using the port as a tool of war against the Yemeni people and a financing source for their military operations to drag the war on.

The port is used in smuggling Iranian weaponry to Yemen to be used in targeting Yemeni and Saudi territories, said the ambassador, affirming that the Houthi militias are not qualified for managing such a key port.

Source: Emirates News Agency