ADAN, -- Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs has welcomed the plan of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) to use alternative routes, including the Aden seaport and land border with Saudi Arabia, to deliver humanitarian and relief aid, pointing out that the Houthi coup militias were using Al Hudaydah seaport to smuggle weapons, threaten international navigation and rob humanitarian aid.

Yemen News Agency Saba reported a statement made by the ministry today, which highlighted that despite the flow of relief aid through Al Hudaydah seaport in the past, the coup militias continued to practise forceful seizure, compelling merchants and humanitarian organisations to pay them, while directing the distribution of aid according to their agendas and trading it to fund the war and the killing machine.

The ministry clarified that the seaports of Aden and Mokalla, and land entrances with Saudi Arabia were completely prepared to receive the rescue and commercial imports, stressing that the Yemeni government was working in co-operation with the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to rehabilitate the Al Mokha seaport to receive rescue aid.

The ministry stressed that Yemen's legitimate government would work hard to facilitate aid from the aforementioned seaports to the affected areas, adding that it has asked the OCHA and other rescue organisations to follow a transparent mechanism for their activities so that the humanitarian aid is provided to those who deserve it.

Source: Emirates News Agency