ADEN, 10th March 2016 (WAM) — The Yemeni army and pro-government Yemeni National Resistance fighters today liberated strategic hills west of the besieged southern city of Taiz from the rebel Houthi militia and militants loyal to deposed president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Thirty-seven rebel fighters were killed and scores others wounded in the battles in the western front and al-Aqroudh district.

The army and pro-government fighters took control of the al-Aranib, al-Erayl and al-Khou’a hills and other positions of Houthi snipers in al-Hasab neighbourhood, the official Yemen News Agency reported.

The army and resistance forces are sending large reinforcements to al-Dahi and al-Hasab neighbourhoods in the western front to break the months-long siege laid by the rebels to Taiz, sources said.

In retaliation, the Houthi-Saleh militants positioned on the eastern front bombarded the city’s residential areas indiscriminately injuring 12 civilians, the sources said.