RIYADH, 19th January, 2016 (WAM)–Yemen’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Abdul Malik Mekhlafi, has stressed that the Yemeni government made significant concessions for peace, but dishonoured by the Houth militia and Saleh group.

He added that the government announced several times the cease-fire to activate the political track, but the armed militias did not comply as they continued aggression against the people of Yemen.

This came during a meeting held today in Riyadh by Al Mekhlafi with the Head of the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq and Iran Division at the European Union Foreign Affairs, Dr. John O’rourke. Al Mikhalfi and Dr. O’rouki the latest developments regarding the Yemeni crisis.

Al Mekhlafi briefed him about the political and military course of events since the start of the Houthi militia and Saleh group’s coup against the political settlement and outputs of the national dialogue. He touched on the efforts being exerted by the Yemeni government to achieve peace, restore the state’s institutions and stop the violence and destruction perpetrated by the militias against Yemenis and their institutions.

He noted that the government “is ready to go to a new round of consultations aimed at the implementation of Security Council Resolution / 2216 /, adding that the militias have not yet committed to implementation of the confidence building measures that had been agreed at the “Geneva 2″, including freeing political prisoners, ending the siege of cities, especially Taiz city and allowing access of humanitarian aid to alleviate the suffering of the people of Yemen.”

The Yemeni foreign minister called on the European Union to put pressure on the coup alliance to implement the obligations of “Geneva 2” and the Security Council Resolution, praising the efforts of the Union to support his country.

For his part, the European official stressed the support of the European Union Commission to the legitimacy in Yemen and its willingness to help Yemenis to agree on a peaceful solution and the implementation of the UN Security Council Resolution / 2216 / and complete the implementation of the Gulf initiative and the outputs of the National Dialogue Conference.

He also emphasised the need to implement the confidence-building measures, especially ending the siege of cities, allowing the entry of aid and the release of detainees. He invited the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Yemen to visit the Commission in Brussels.