ADEN, The best ways to underpin the ongoing humanitarian efforts and developmental programmes in Yemen were the crux of the meeting the Prime Minister of Yemen, Dr Maeen Abdulmalik, had today with Reem bint Ibrahim Al Hashemy, Minister of State for International Cooperation, currently visiting Aden.

The two sides underscored the necessity of implementing the Sweden Agreement, particularly with regards to demining the routes used by humanitarian convoys and the handover of Hodeidah Port.

The Yemeni premier and UAE minister warned against the malpractices of Houthi militias that cause to prolong the suffering of Yemeni people and their rejection of implementing international conventions and agreements, the latest of which is the Stockholm Agreement, which the militia seeks to dodge as part of their attempts to gain time and re-close their ranks.

They affirmed that the World Food Programme's recent report which revealed the misuse and theft of food aid by Houthi militia entails a serious international response to force the Houthis to stop such practices that fly in the face of all humanitarian norms. They called upon the international community to stop Houthis' tampering of the Yemeni resources and to put an end to their depredations that further aggravate the deplorable situation in Yemen.

Al Hashemy said that her current visit to Aden, which is the third in six months, reaffirms the UAE's determination to continue to support the Yemeni people and to double all possible efforts to ease their suffering.

The Minister noted that the UAE projects that have been executed in Yemen over the past period cover all sectors, including health and education as well as other platforms, highlighting the fact that they have helped gradually restore normalcy across liberated territories.

"The UAE humanitarian efforts in Yemen focus on launching developmental and small-scale projects, including supporting fishermen and women by establishing local family and sewing centres and mini markets as well as creating job opportunities to ensure social stability and inject life back into the Yemeni economy," said the Minister.

"The UAE is working within the Arab Coalition to provide all forms of support in areas of training and development, helping re-build the capacities of local associations by providing them with cadres capable of surviving the current challenges."

Al Hashemy visited the UAE forces on duty in Aden and conveyed to them the appreciation of the UAE wise leadership for their efforts to help restore stability in Yemen.

Source: Emirates News Agency