YEMEN, The Yemeni Resistance Forces have taken control of the mountains of Kahboub, Huajaija, Qila', Tuba Mufaita, the Three Quroun and a mountain range overlooking strategic locations west of Lahej Governorate.

The liberation of Kahboub came as part of a series of victories achieved by the Yemeni Resistance Forces, supported by the UAE Armed Forces and the Arab Coalition Forces, which has led to the collapse of the Iranian-backed Houthi militias and recently successful air strikes launched by the Arab Coalition Air Force that targeted Houthi leaders.

Resistance troops are continuing to clear pockets of militias and combing mine-free areas, amidst the successive defeats of the militias on the battlefronts of Yemen's Red Sea Coast.

The liberation of Kahboub came after fierce battles fought by the Third Brigade, Hazm, and the Yemeni Resistance Forces, which cut the supply lines of the militias in Al-Barah that support their Moz' and Al Imari fronts while securing areas of the liberated coast extending from Bab al-Mandeb to Mocha District.

The area of Khaboub, which is a rugged mountainous part of Lahej Governorate and Hodeidah bordering Taiz, overlooks Taiz District and the strategic area of Bab al-Mandeb, which was liberated in a few days after the Houthi supply line from Al-Barah to Khaboub was cut, tightening the noose on their presence in the western countryside of Taiz.

Yemen's Red Sea Coast is witnessing large-scale military operations west of Taiz District, which has resulted in the re-taking of new areas from the militias, to liberate and secure the Red Sea Coast and lift the siege on Taiz from the west, with the support of the UAE Armed Forces operating as part of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition Forces, in support of Yemen's legitimate government.

Source: Emirates News Agency