ADEN, --Yemen's Deputy Minister of Transport, Nasser Sharif, said that work is underway to complete the opening of Al-Mokha Port after seizing it from the Houthi - Saleh coup militias.

He added the ministry is working on alternative ports to the Port of Hodeidah, and land outlets for the humanitarian aid access through the ports controlled by the authority.

In a statement to the official Yemeni news agency, Sharif said, "The ministry is working to take necessary measures to conduct work at the Ports of Hodeidah and Al-Mokha in the post-liberation. It is also studying the legal, administrative, technical and financial procedures to transfer the headquarters of the Red Sea Ports Corporation to Al Mokha after the government approval in order to continue delivering services to citizens, and securing the international maritime navigation."

He added that the Port of Hodeidah, which is the only outlet still used by militia for arms' smuggle and trade, has been suspended as the national army and the Arab coalition advance to seal the liberation of the West Coast and the Port of Hodeidah from the coup militias.

The recapture of the Port of Hodeidah by the coalition-backed national army would be a major blow to the coup militias, as the port is the only major outlet for the transfer of weapons, and tampering with the safety and security of the international navigation.

Source: Emirates News Agency