NAIROBI, 23rd May 2016 (WAM) – From combating poverty in 91 countries to advancing sustainable development through various environmental initiatives, Zayed International foundation continues to give a shape to its vision of an integrated environmental management and human welfare.

As part of its overall efforts to promote healthy and sustainable environment, Zayed International Foundation of the Environment is taking an active part so extensively in the global environmental forums. Therefore, Zayed foundation participated in the Sustainable Innovation Expo on South-South Cooperation, entitled “Achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through Innovative South-South Cooperation”, organized during the “United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA-2)” in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, from 23 to 27 May, with the aim to, inter alia, reflect on the innovative opportunities to reduce the environmental challenges, and create a vital and dynamic sustained green growth, in particular, in the use and consumption of the earth’s resources.

In her address today to member states, Dr. Meshgan Al Awar , Secretary General of Zayed International Prize for the Environment, , emphasized the significant role of the Sustainable Innovation Expo as an international platform which will pave the way towards strengthening and widening partnerships through South-South Cooperation to facilitate the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Dr. Meshgan said: “Zayed International Foundation for the Environment has established the groundwork for south-south cooperation, through its prestigious award which recognizes the efforts made by scientists, institutions, and environmental advocates to promote sustainable development”.

“This Expo will provide inputs to the preparation of the Global South-South Development Expo (GSSD Expo) 2016 that will be hosted by the Zayed International Foundation for the Environment, on behalf of the Government of the United Arab Emirates, from 30 October to 3 November 2016 in Dubai, under the overarching theme “South-South Cooperation: Towards an innovative Synergy for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”. South-south cooperation which evolved in supporting developing countries meet their growth potential as an important dimension of international cooperation in areas such as capacity-building, technical assistance, knowledge exchange and practices”. She added.

Dr. Meshgan shed light on the Zayed International Foundation for the Environment promising activities especially, the launch of the first edition of the newsletter which will be published monthly highlighting the Foundation’s initiatives and projects which support national and international efforts to achieve sustainable development, as well as the launch of the smart apps and Environmental Game Center.

The Foundation will also launch in 2016 the Green Economy textbook, which is the fruit of a combined effort and exceptional collaboration between Zayed International Foundation for the Environment, United Nations Environment Programme, other UN agencies, and worldwide well-known universities, and research centers. The text book is directed towards post graduate students at the global level but also appeal to decisions-makers, and other stakeholders, as the main concept is to explain the Green Economy theory that relies on sustainable use of the natural capital and on adopting clean technology innovative approaches.