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The Emirates news online is the website that gathers the news and highlights it from all over the world and most particularly from the gulf region. Our website is considered as the reliable source of publishing news from each sector and that has got possible only because of our professional approach of transmitting news. We do not compromise on the international standards that are for journalism after all we are the dependable source of publishing the Arab’s region news for the western world. You can find any news any time as we do not overlook the daily archiving of the news on our website that makes our readers to find out the news they need.

Code of Media Ethics

It is not easy to name ourselves to remain unquestioned when it comes to the authenticity of the news in the current times, but we have achieved that landmark, and that is because our mission to stick to the teachings of journalism. For us reporting is the profession that is to help the masses and raise their concerns through different platforms such as news T.V channels, newspapers and “online news website”, which we run. We value people’s lives and understand that any news which is not authentic can affect their lives and that is why before publishing any news it is properly ensured that news has been verified.

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Yes, we really want to hear you regarding our news website and our way of publishing news. This indicates that we value your thoughts and opinions regarding news which are published on our website. We also offer you to avail our services such as daily email news alerts and RSS news feeds in order to stay informed about everything around you. When it comes to emirates news online, only one website will come in your mind and that is ours.