Launching activities of national campaign to support Al-Aqsa in Hodeida

In Al-Hali District, Hodeidah governorate, launched the activities of the national campaign to support Al-Aqsa, under the slogan “You are not alone.”

At the inauguration, the first deputy governor of the governorate, Ahmed Mahdi Al-Bishri, stressed the necessity of creating popular momentum to support the Palestinian brothers by going out in the masses to organize marches and stand in anger against the crimes of the Zionist enemy.

He called for strengthening solidarity and standing with the oppression of the Palestinian people to deliver messages of anger towards biased international positions.

Source: Yemen News Agency

Minister of Youth meets with the CEO of the NYDA in South Africa.

Beijing, Minister of Youth, Fathallah El-Zani, met yesterday the CEO of the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) in South Africa, Asanda Lwaka, on the sidelines of the World Youth Forum activities in the Chinese capital, Beijing.

The meeting discussed common interests between the Ministry and the NYDA in the area of youth development and the importance of unifying efforts on the African continent to build youth capabilities, and El-Zani provided an explanation of the importance of building local youth councils, which will be the vehicle for implementing the African youth agenda and ensuring the activation of their rights.

The outcomes of the BRICS Youth Council and the upcoming mechanisms for BRICS programs targeting youth to benefit from the youth human resource on the continent were also discussed, noting the interest of the Government of National Unity in youth programs regionally and internationally to serve the goals of the Return to Life Program for Youth in Libya.

Source: Libyan News Agency

Kuwait denounces Israeli occupation min. remarks over Gaza nuclear threat

KUWAIT, The Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry on Sunday voiced emphatic condemnation of recent remarks made by an Israeli occupation minister regarding dropping a nuclear bomb on the Gaza Strip.

Undoubtedly, these remarks prove that the Israeli occupation and its aggression on the Palestinian people and civilians have reached a serious stage, and its arrogance reached unprecedented brutality, the ministry said in a press release.

It echoed Kuwait’s appeal to the international community and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to halt genocides against the Palestinian people.

Source: Kuwait News Agency


The Central Civil Defense Operations Room issued the following statement: ‘This evening, a Zionist drone targeted a civilian car in the southern town of Ainatha, resulting in the fall of three civilian martyrs. Civil defense units affiliated with Al-Risala Al-Islamiya Scouts worked to transfer them to area hospitals.’

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon

Global Journalists Council 3rd conference in Turkiye concludes

The Global Journalists Council concluded its third conference on Saturday with the participation of 250 journalists representing 33 countries, including Jordan. Held in the Turkish city of Alanya, the 4-day conference covered topics, issues, and challenges facing journalism and the media sector, including press freedoms and risks that face journalists in war zones, in addition to the financial challenges facing the sector and digital journalism issues. The closing day included lectures and educational workshops in psychology, journalism, websites, and digital media. At the opening of the International Press Representatives Committee meetings, President of the Global Journalists Council, Mehmet Ali Dim, said that to date, the war on Gaza has targeted 39 journalists who were killed while performing their duty in covering events and conveying the truth. “What is happening in Gaza constitutes genocide against the Palestinians, contradicts all humanitarian standards, and violates all United Nations charters in this regard,” Dim reiterated. The Global Journalists Council was established in 2019 in Ankara. It includes 66 countries and is concerned with exchanging expertise between journalists around the world.

Source: Jordan News Agency