Advisor to the PM: The development path will provide 100,000 job opportunities as a first stage

The Advisor to the Prime Minister for Transportation Affairs, Nasser Saleh Al-Asadi, confirmed today, Tuesday, that the development road project will provide 100,000 job opportunities as a first stage and one million opportunities after its completion and completion, while he indicated that the train track within the project will pass through (13) governorates.

Al-Asadi said in a televised statement: "Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani made it clear more than once that Iraq will start with a new economic approach that brings together Arab and non-Arab parties in the region, especially neighboring countries, to a sustainable economic approach that guarantees the prosperity and development of the region," noting that "a project of the path of development is the new nerve of the Iraqi economy.

He added, "The project will include multiple paragraphs that increase the efficiency of the performance of the Iraqi economy and the societies of neighboring countries," noting that "the economic map in the region is an important trade exchange between East and West, and Iraq is located in an important part of this region."

He stressed that "the countries invited to launch the development path project confirmed their attendance at the conference of Transport Ministers of neighboring countries and the Gulf Cooperation Council, which will be held next Saturday and will include the launch of the project," pointing out that "these countries are interested in this important economic project."

He indicated that "the project is vital and will provide financial and societal sustainability, preserve the environment and open various fields," noting that "the project will provide, as a first stage, 100,000 job opportunities, and it could reach one million jobs upon completion."

He pointed out that "the project will include ports, new industrial and residential cities, in addition to airports," explaining that "the implementation of the project will be towards the desert with the aim of reclaiming land for agriculture, industry and trade, and the train track within the project will pass through 13 governorates."

He stressed that "there is no problem facing the project," noting that "Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani and Minister of Transport Razzaq Muhibis al-Saadawi directly supervise the project with the smallest details."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency