Air transport sector requires roadmap to ensure countries’ commitment to SAF transition: Hermes Director-General

Dr. Kostas Latrou, Director-General of Hermes Air Transport Organisation, said that the air transport sector urgently requires a roadmap that ensures the commitment of countries to the transition to a balanced system for producing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Speaking to the Emirates News Agency (WAM) at the third International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Conference on Aviation and Alternative Fuels (CAAF/3), Latrou noted that the Conference, which is being held in Dubai a few days before COP28, is of significant importance as the civil aviation sector is a major and influential player in global efforts related to the climate neutrality agenda and sustainable development goals. He pointed out that the UAE is one of the leading countries in the field of aviation, with remarkable development of its national carriers such as Emirates, Etihad Airways, and Air Arabia, praising the relentless efforts of the General Authority for Civil Aviation for the sustainability and growth of the sector. The Dire ctor-General of Hermes Air Transport Organisation said that there are countries like the UAE that support a sustainable vision in the air transport sector and integrate it into their agenda for the future after recovering from the COVID pandemic, which, he said, is crucial for the aviation industry. Latrou confirmed that the global air transport sector has recovered to pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels in 2019, pointing out that there are countries that have already exceeded these levels, and it is expected that this trend will continue in the future. Expressing optimism about the future of the aviation industry, Latrou added, 'We are optimistic about the future, as we are now seeing a great demand for travel around the world, which is a positive sign for the sustainability and growth of the aviation industry on a global scale.' Aviation has precise and wide-ranging climate action plans to reduce CO2 emissions, and the industry is making good progress towards achieving its global climate goals. ICAO provides Me mber States with internationally agreed policies, standards, guidance, and tools to reduce CO2 emission environmental impacts from international aviation, including implementing a 'basket of measures.' This project will allow ICAO to meet the global aspirational goals of a two percent annual fuel efficiency improvement and carbon-neutral growth. Source: Emirates News Agency