Al-Naimi congratulates Revolution Leader & Head of Supreme Political Council on Eid Al-Fitr

Member of the Supreme Political Council, Muhammad Saleh Al-Nuaimi, sent a congratulatory cable to the Revolution Leader , Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, and the head of the Supreme Political Council, Sayyed Mahdi al-Mashat, on the occasion of the blessed Eid al-Fitr, which stated:

I am pleased to send you, in my name and on behalf of all the leaders, farmers and workers in the agricultural field, my sincere congratulations, coupled with the best wishes, on the occasion of the blessed Eid al-Fitr, after fasting the month of Ramadan, which represents a station for getting closer to God through acts of obedience that purify the soul, purify the spirit, and enhance man’s abilities to give, as it is the month Which God Almighty has singled out for goodness, prosperity, blessings, and our people have established in this month the values , principles of compassion and solidarity.

The victories achieved in the political, economic and military aspects are considered the result of the steadfastness of the
Yemeni people who rallied around their revolutionary leadership and the President and members of the Supreme Political Council with full confidence and credibility.

Workers in the agricultural sector renew their loyalty and readiness to build, modernize , develop and perform their duties and tasks with high responsibility, confidence and ability, deriving their strength and will from the support of God Almighty and the directives of the revolutionary leadership, the Supreme Political Council, the goals of the national vision for building the modern Yemeni state, and the strength and will of the Yemeni people, until victory is achieved in… All areas and in all fields.

Source: Yemen News Agency