Filipino Undersecretary for Foreign Employment to QNA: HH the Amir’s Visit Highlights Close Relations between Two Countries, especially in Field of Labor

HE Undersecretary for Foreign Employment and Welfare Services of the Republic of the Philippines, Hans Leo Cacdac said that the visit of HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani to Manila will strengthen the existing relations between the two countries, and will give greater momentum to cooperation in the field of labour.

In an interview with Qatar News Agency , His Excellency stated “The visit of HH the Amir to our country will shed further light on our long-standing and close relations, and will underscore to the Filipino people the importance of this relationship that began over 40 years ago.” HE President Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines acknowledges the importance of the relationship between the two countries and is keen on developing it, especially in the field of labor and workers, considering the role of thousands of Filipino workers in the Philippine’s economy and in Qatar’s developmental journey, HE Hans Leo Cacdac added.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countr
ies in 1981, Filipino labor has been an integral part of the construction and development scene in Qatar. Most of them were skilled professionals and workers who developed and built their careers in Qatar while providing a stable income to support their families, he said.

His Excellency emphasized that the cooperation between the two countries in the field of labor is close, with Doha attracting a significant number of Filipino workers. This has made the Filipino community one of the largest and most socially active communities in Qatar, enabling them to contribute to enhancing communication between the two countries. Additionally, they share common values and visions with the host country.

Qatar is the third in the Middle East and fifth globally in terms of the number of Filipino workers employed in the country, HE said.

He said that the remittance value of Filipino workers in Qatar, numbering more than 250,000, ranged between USD830 million and USD930 million over the past three years, according to data
from the Philippine Central Bank. He stated, “These financial remittances by the workers significantly contribute to the growth of the Philippine economy. Moreover, these workers have an impact on the labor sector and the Qatari economy as a whole.

The Filipino workforce in Qatar is characterized by its active and effective presence, both in quantity and quality. They are known for their skills and perform their tasks with discipline and high professionalism. Moreover, they have proven their presence in many economic sectors.

HE Undersecretary for Foreign Employment and Welfare Services of the Republic of the Philippines expressed his country’s appreciation for the positive developments and significant reforms implemented by Qatar to protect workers’ rights, especially regarding raising the minimum wage, ensuring its protection, allowing for job mobility, and establishing other mechanisms to address any imbalances while safeguarding workers’ rights. He stated, “Qatar has become attractive to Filipino worker
s, and its favorable work environment encourages workers to bring their families to live there.

He also highlighted the initiative to establish the Qatar Visa Center in Manila, which has contributed to simplifying the process of obtaining work visas, facilitating the procedures that both the worker and the employer need to take, and protecting their rights. He affirmed his country’s readiness to cooperate further to enhance the center’s operations.

His Excellency praised the continuous support enjoyed by the Filipino community in Qatar, along with the care and attention provided at various levels. He also commended the prompt handling of any problems they may encounter, as well as ensuring their safe return to their homeland upon the completion of their residency.

HE discussed his country’s plans to equip Filipino workers to face the changes in the Gulf labor markets. He said, “The Philippines has programs and plans to achieve competitive and comprehensive technical and vocational education and training gl
obally, as well as higher education for Filipino youth. This includes designing and implementing advanced training programs, developing higher education, enhancing training centers and institutions, and providing continuous and quality education within educational institutions and online, among other initiatives.

HE Undersecretary for Foreign Employment and Welfare Services of the Republic of the Philippines concluded his interview with QNA by emphasizing that the visit of HH the Amir to Manila will give new momentum to bilateral cooperation in the field of labor, enhance communication and coordination to understand the prospects of the labor market in Qatar and its requirements in light of the direction towards a sustainable economy.

Source: Qatar News Agency