Gov’t endorses slew of decisions

Amman: The Cabinet on Sunday approved the Public-Private Partnership Projects regulation for 2024. The regulation aims to regulate the stages of public-private partnership projects and the obligations of both the government entity and the contracting party, to organize the procedures for tendering partnership projects in a way that achieves equality, transparency, and makes information related to the tender available to all, and to determine the procedures for appealing against a partnership project tender. The regulation also includes the determination of basic conditions that must be met in the partnership contract and its related provisions and procedures, and a statement of the rights and obligations of the parties to the contract, in addition to setting the bases and procedures for soliciting bids and direct contracting, and the conditions for resorting to each of them and the provisions therein. The Council of Ministers also approved the Public-Private Partnership Projects Account Regulation for 2024 in order to provide the necessary funding for studies and reports related to partnership projects and contracting with consultants, hiring experts, and tendering for the preparation of public-private partnership projects included in the National Register of Government Investment Projects. The regulation stipulates the establishment of a special account for spending on the preparation of partnership projects, in which the amounts allocated by the government are deposited, the determination of their expenditures, and the criteria for selecting projects eligible for financing from this account. Source: Jordan News Agency