Health Ministry announces that 12 cases of hemorrhagic fever were recorded last week

The Ministry of Health announced, on Sunday, an increase in cases of hemorrhagic fever, while indicating that 12 cases had been recorded during the past week.

Director General of Public Health at the Ministry, Riyad Abdel Amir, told the official News Agency that “casualties with hemorrhagic fever are still being recorded due to ticks,” indicating that “fighting this insect is the duty of the Ministry of Agriculture, which must take preventive measures.”

He added: "A joint committee has been formed between the Ministries of Health and Agriculture to eliminate this insect," noting that "daily infections with the disease reach between (2-3) infections."

He stated, "12 infections were recorded during the past week."

Regarding coronavirus and seasonal influenza infections, Abdel Amir stressed that “influenza cases are normal and occur at this time every year,” explaining that “there is no distinction between coronavirus and influenza, and the matter is only done through tests.”

He stated that "all analgesic medications for patients are available in pharmacies."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency