Her Highness Participates in QF Annual Alumni Forum -1-

For his part, Mohammed Fakhroo, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement at QF’s Higher Education Division, and an alumnus of Qatar Academy Doha – one of the schools under QF’s Pre-University Education – said: “Coming back together for this Forum, as alumni whose lives have been shaped by the education and the experience we received at QF, evokes memories and creates a sense of happiness and community – but it also allows QF’s alumni to lend their voice to vital conversations.” “QF alumni are united in their fondness for the place where they honed their skills, broadened their mindsets, and really began to define the future path they will take; and in their passion for making a difference and contributing to society. Enabling them to speak directly to decision-makers and share their stories, views, ideas, and solutions illustrates how QF’s alumni remain part of its story and its mission, and how QF is committed to supporting both their goals and Qatar’s pool of talent,” added Fakhroo.

Over 14,000 students have graduated from QF’s schools and universities, and the QF Alumni Program is open to all of them. It aims to be a focal point for creating a global network of QF alumni who retain their links to QF and Qatar and help each other achieve their goals, while encouraging new alumni to remain in Qatar after they graduate and those who have graduated in previous years to return to the country.

Through the QF Alumni App – which all QF graduates can register for – alumni can connect and reconnect with each other, form mutual interest groups, find and apply for jobs, and provide guidance and mentorship to younger graduates. QF alumni have a pivotal role in shaping the program through the QF Alumni Council.

Meanwhile, the QF Alumni Office advocates for policies that help graduates of QF universities contribute to Qatar’s development, and form relationships with public and private sector organizations.

In 2022, 241 QF alumni were offered positions in Qatar, and QF has signed a new agreement with the Ministry of Public Health which is intended to open up further opportunities for its alumni.

The Alumni Forum took place as QF’s three-day Aljam’a festival – which has brought the community of Qatar together to enjoy a range of activities and showcased the achievements of QF’s alumni and current students – came to a close.

Open to the public, Aljam’a has continued the celebratory mood of QF’s Convocation 2023 ceremony, also held this week, where 874 new graduates of QF’s Hamad Bin Khalifa University and partner universities took center stage.

Featuring a Market Zone, games, workshops, exhibitions, and opportunities to network, Aljam’a aims to strengthen the sense of connection students and alumni feel with QF’s diverse ecosystem and community.

Source: Qatar News Agency