Innovation is fundamental pillar for enhancing energy efficiency, sustainability: DoE Chairman


ABU DHABI: Awaidha Murshed Al Marar, Chairman of the Department of Energy (DoE), has emphasised that innovation represents a solid cornerstone and a fundamental driver to achieve the UAE goals in enhancing energy efficiency, sustainability, and future foresight.

In a statement to mark the “UAE Innovation Month 2024″, Al Marar said, Through fruitful and constructive collaboration with various local and international partners, we have succeeded in establishing an integrated energy transition system that adopts innovation as its approach.”

He added that the UAE Innovation Month serves as a leading platform to confront challenges and convert them into distinct opportunities for growth and positive change and provide innovative solutions by adopting the latest advanced technologies.

“Moreover, our commitment to providing and embracing innovative solutions in the field of clean and renewable energy is of utmost importance in achieving our goals towards achieving climate neutrality,” he noted.

Emphasising the si
gnificance of investing in youth and developing their skills, as they are the fundamental pillar for building a sustainable future, Al Marar stated, “At the DoE, we are working to empower the younger generation and embrace their creative ideas and pioneering innovations, which contribute to establishing a solid future for the sector and achieving further prosperity for our country.”

He also praised the continued cooperation among sectors, including government and private entities within the country, for actively engaging in UAE Innovation Month by sharing perspectives and ideas on the latest innovations across diverse energy fields.

Source: Emirates News Agency