Mleiha celebrates UAE’s 52nd Union Day with traditional splendor

The Heritage Village in Mleiha, a site steeped in Bedouin tradition, a symbol of the Emirates' deep-rooted connection to its land and the unwavering patriotism of its people, was a fitting location for the celebration of the 52nd UAE Union Day which took place over two days on the 23rd and 24th of November. The festivities started with a patriotic procession from the military band, in the presence of representatives from government entities and the residents of Mleiha. The gathering was captivated by traditional performances that included national theatrical shows, poetic recitals, engaging children's activities, and enthralling equestrian and camel displays. Sultan Ali Al Khasooni, Chairman of the Mleiha Municipal Council, highlighted the significance of the event, saying, 'The activities in Mleiha are truly distinctive, providing a window into our revered past, and sharing stories of a rich Emirati history and a deeply rooted civilisation.' 'This significant day reignites a persistent flame of hope with in us, foreseeing a future filled with even more remarkable accomplishments for our country and its people. On this occasion, we renew our steadfast dedication to our leaders and their visionary guidance,' he added. The 52nd UAE Union Day celebrations in the City of Mleiha in the Central Region of Sharjah, resembled a powerful reminder of the UAE's remarkable journey, its strength of spirit, and commitment to a future of shared prosperity and progress. Source: Emirates News Agency