Philippines Secretary of Health to QNA: HH the Amir’s Visit Aims to Develop Mechanisms of Bilateral Cooperation in Health Sector

HE the Secretary of Health of the Republic of the Philippines Dr. Teodoro Javier Herbosa affirmed that the visit of HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani to Manila aims to develop and enhance mechanisms of bilateral cooperation in the health sector, mirroring progress witnessed in other areas of cooperation at various levels.

In a statement to Qatar News Agency , His Excellency said that the State of Qatar and the Philippines signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation in the health sector in 2017. This visit is expected to contribute to the development of the action plan for the MoU, the transition to a new phase, and the evaluation of areas of cooperation in light of national priorities, current strengths, and global health challenges.

He added that in the field of health cooperation between the two countries, there is a signed MoU, which serves as an effective mechanism for cooperation, stressing that they need to develop plans and mechanisms for its implementation and activation to
significantly contribute to enhancing Qatari-Philippine relations in this field.

HE the Secretary of Health of the Republic of the Philippines explained that the two countries have enjoyed strong diplomatic relations over the years, and entered into multiple areas of cooperation beyond health, including agreements related to climate change mitigation and economic agreements, propelling bilateral relations forward.

He expressed his country’s appreciation for Qatar’s solidarity during the COVID-19 virus in 2022, as it assisted in enhancing the Philippine healthcare sector’s response to the virus by donating 50,000 doses of Sinovac vaccine through the Qatar Fund For Development.

Herbosa emphasized the importance of cooperation with Qatar and benefiting from its expertise in developing the healthcare sector in his country, suggesting that future cooperation should prioritize issues within this sector through focusing on enhancing and building primary healthcare capabilities in the Philippines.

He praised Qata
r’s progress in the healthcare sector, including its municipalities and cities obtaining the ‘Healthy Cities’ certification from the World Health Organization in 2022, making it the first country in the Middle East to receive such accreditation.

He explained that the goal of ‘Healthy Cities’ is to improve health and well-being of populations through collective action to enhance public health measures in daily life environments. He added that the Philippines can benefit from Qatar’s strategies in line with the action plan to strengthen the primary healthcare system in the country.

He added that the Philippines recognizes that Qatar’s network of hospitals and healthcare centers provides high-quality integrated healthcare, accessible to all residents, noting that his country is also keen on a healthcare system that covers all residents regardless of their financial status or geographical location.

In this context, the Health Minister affirmed that the Philippines can also learn from Qatar’s experience in enha
ncing the primary healthcare system to ensure access to healthcare services in all regions.

HE the Secretary of Health of the Republic of the Philippines concluded his statement to QNA by expressing confidence that the visit of HH the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani will result in profound discussions that will help propel relations forward and encourage the establishment of mechanisms for health cooperation according to the signed MoU, as well as enhance mutually beneficial activities in meeting the healthcare needs of both countries.

Source: Qatar News Agency