Qatar Chamber Participates in 5th World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum

Manama, Qatar Chamber recently participated in the activities of the 5th World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum (WEIF) held in Manama from May 14 to 16, in conjunction with the 33rd Arab Leaders Summit.

Held under the theme Achieving the SDGs through Fostering Innovation and Economic Growth, the forum was organized by the General Secretariat at the UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Office in the Kingdom of Bahrain in partnerships with the League of Arab States, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in Bahrain, the Union of Arab Chambers, the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa, the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce, and a number of local, regional, and international partners.

In his remarks, board member Abdulrahman bin Abduljaleel Al Abdulghani said that the forum aims to support sustainable development by enhancing innovation and stimulating economic growth. He also stressed the vital role that entrepreneurs paly in diversifying the economy and promoting sustainability, as well as enhancing innov
ation, which is essential for transitioning to a knowledge-based economy. Al Abdulghani further highlighted the Chambers interest in supporting entrepreneurs, helping them start their businesses and facilitating their participation in exhibitions, both domestically and internationally, that the Chamber organizes or takes part in.

The forums working sessions addressed a number of topics such as building sustainable partnerships and creating a brighter future for Arab and African entrepreneurs. They also dealt with sustainable smart financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, and innovation – enabling ecosystems, and investment pathways to achieve the SDGs.

Source: Qatar News Agency