Qatar Economic Forum/ President of CSGDB: Qatar Pioneering in Developing Laws to Regulate Artificial Intelligence

HE President of the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau (CSGDB) Abdulaziz bin Nasser Al Khalifa underlined that the State of Qatar is pioneering in developing laws regulating the issue of handling the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the road is clear for the country concerning the utilization of the AI, asserting that communication is ongoing between the public and private sectors along with the Qatari legislator to achieve the greatest possible benefit in this field.

In a panel discussion held under the title: “Artificial Intelligence in Real Life” within the ongoing Qatar Economic Forum in Doha, Al Khalifa added that the State of Qatar follows the footsteps of Europe in utilizing the AI, integrating it in many applications, setting the fundamental structure and the regulating laws that serve Qatar National Vision 2030, as well as solidifying the smart e-governance.

The State of Qatar has enormous potential in material and human resources, including the necessary skills to deal with the AI, Al Khalifa pointed out, noting that Qatar managed to harness the AI in organizing the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and fan management through the cutting-edge technologies and ancillary applications, and has subsequently established Kawader National E-Recruitment Portal to fulfill the job supply and demand market, in addition to other applications related to health tips to protect the citizens from diseases.

Regarding his anticipation of the future of the AI for job opportunities, Al Khalifa outlined that it is difficult to predict the future, but such a field will have positive impacts and will create new jobs and refine users and governments’ skills by the same token internet has done. Therefore, the AI should be handled and acquire the expertise of harnessing it for the service of humanity, exploring solutions and overcoming the challenges with the importance of safeguarding the data, privacy and security, he said.

For their part, the session’s keynote speakers stressed the importance of raising awareness of handling the AI which imposed itself on the reality of daily life and whose utilization has dramatically increased after the ChatGPT was used to be an assisting factor in production and marketing process, in addition to providing a system of data for the area where everybody lives, along with other fields that cannot be envisioned.

The speakers pointed out to the importance of being wary of using this technology because the AI or machine have no ethical or value tenets of human being, indicating that the ChatGPT is a wonderful application that incredibly became ubiquitous and dealing with it should be through dialogue. They noted that this field will dramatically evolve further for individuals and governments, therefore everyone should be trained on its uses, alongside other applications that would alter the mindsets of both investors and consumers.

Source: Qatar News Agency