QSFA Announces Activation of Professional Sporting Activities For Children

Qatar Sports For All Federation (QSFA) has activated the program of professional sporting activities that are directed towards children through conducting field trips to schools within the QSFA endeavors to propagate the culture of sports and improve the community’s health in all directions and segments. The program comprises an ambitious and holistic package with 183 activities in the current year.

Within the framework of cooperation with schools, the Hamza Bin Abdul Mottalib Preparatory School for Boys conducted a combination of fitness tests for students to identify their fitness level and issue guidance concerning the importance of pursuing proper methods to preserve a healthy weight and help prevent obesity among students.

During the field trip, the importance of preserving the physical activity was explained through practicing sports rigorously for students and raise their confidence in themselves and nurture their sport spirit on condition that it should not contradict with their academic achievement.

The QSFA seeks to educate and train students on practicing sports through pursuing a proper scientific method under the supervision of professional trainers, as field trips to schools across Qatar are set to continue Thursday, specially that such activities receive high turnout from students and pupils who participate in all sports activities.

Source: Qatar News Agency