Yutong Ready to Support World’s Top Football Event in Qatar

DOHA, Qatar, Nov. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Yutong Bus (“the Company”), a leading global manufacturer of electric buses, has revealed details of its one-stop transportation solution for the upcoming spectacle of football taking place in Qatar, in conjunction with the event’s official transport provider, Mowasalat. 

1,500 Yutong buses will serve the Middle Eastern country for the global football extravaganza that kicks off later this month. Of the buses, 888 battery electric buses will provide public transportation and shuttle services during the event for officials, journalists, and fans of various countries going from venue to venue.

“The company has been working on its electrification strategy for the past four years, and this project is the first of its kind,” said Ms. Rafah, the representative of Mowasalat. “We thank the Yutong service team for their support over the past few months and look forward to the delights that the next month will bring and the years to come.”

The bus order was Yutong’s largest overseas order to date and marked a watershed moment for the bus company on the world stage. To ensure seamless and sustainable transport connections with local partners, Yutong has formed a large team of 126 people to ensure everything goes smoothly during the event.

“With our service, we guarantee zero breakdown and zero complaint for those football fans travelling in Qatar,” said Gan Shaoying, Deputy Managing Director of Yutong Qatar.” The 888 Yutong e-buses will bring green transportation to the world’s biggest football event, and the Yutong Qatar service team is ready to provide an unprecedented green travel experience for fans from all over the world. ”

The Yutong Qatar’s service team for the event will roll out a one-stop service for all its buses and routes, including spare parts, full vehicle inspections, daily spot checks, troubleshooting, as well as rapid response to emergencies, and other aspects of service planning. They have conducted trial operation of the e-buses with the client, based on clear understanding of operation scenarios.

Yutong Qatar has already ensured that all parts and items needed for vehicle maintenance are in stock, as well as those needed for preventive maintenance checks. Training has been rolled out for more than 2,000 drivers, along with special sessions for the rapid maintenance of battery electric buses.

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