HONG KONG, May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Tsangs Group is pleased to announce that we have successfully signed a Collaboration Agreement with HBK Department of Projects (“HBK”), in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on 4 April, 2021. This agreement aims to launch a joint Tech and Innovation fund for potential startups in the Middle East, Central Asia, the Sub Continent and Africa as the primary regions, empowering industry 4.0 and the wave of disruptive emerging technologies.

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HBK was founded by Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, to handle project investments and enter in JV partnership with partners presenting viable and interesting projects with sustainability, humanity empowerment and job creation. With this collaboration both HBK and Tsangs Group are looking to initiate an incredible journey to embark on a truly global mission to find, nurture and uplift innovative tech talents.

“We are incredibly pleased to join hands with Tsangs Group for this historical Tech and Innovation fund and very excited to see Patrick and Tsangs Group’s passion and dedication in investing and partnering with us for the development of truly disruptive tech startups,” commented Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, Chairman and Founder of HBK.

“HBK and Tsangs Group share the belief that game changing technologies could uplift people and economies. The proposed fund is the first of its kind and sector agnostic,” commented Mr Anwar Hussein, Group CEO of HBK.

“I am extremely excited and very pleased to have HBK as one of our first collaboration in the Middle East that brings great synergy. Our vision and core values are very closely aligned. We strongly believe that co-investment and partnership with our strengths, global network, expertise shall create value and change to make the world a better place,” commented Patrick Tsang, Chairman of Tsangs Group.

About HBK Department of Projects

HBK Department of Projects (Hamad bin Khalifa Departments of Projects) was founded by Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, to handle project investments and enter into JV partnership with partners presenting viable and interesting projects with sustainability and job creation.

Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Mohammed Al Nahyan is a seasoned business leader with a proven track record of success over the past two decades, across regions and including most segments of the business. His leadership style is often described as visionary, innovative, and inspirational.

For more information, please visit https://www.hbkdop.org/.

About Tsangs Group

We are a China-Focused Single Family Office headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in London, Beijing and Shenzhen, investing globally in sector and location agnostic investments and special situation opportunities.

We also provide strategic advisory to clients by acting as a bridge between China and the rest of the world. We help Chinese companies acquire companies overseas and we also help overseas companies navigate in China.

We are proud of our Chinese and Asian roots, with a Chinese heritage, we plan long term and execute using Western and modern financial and legal structuring engineering to leverage the advantages of West and East. In addition, we also regularly exit opportunities via IPOs and trade sales.

For more information, please visit https://www.tsangsgroup.co.

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