Giambattista Valli dazzles Barcelona during the Bridal Night

BARCELONA, Spain, April 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The most exclusive fashion show of the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week charmed over 450 guests last night who enjoyed a unique show in the historic building of the Llotja de Mar. The Maison Giambattista Valli exclusively celebrated the runway debut of its bridal collection during the Bridal Night, the gala evening of the event organized by Fira de Barcelona with the support of the Catalan Ministry of Business and Labor.

In an extraordinary show, Giambattista Valli’s 30 creations shone with their own light. It was a culmination of silhouettes, representing a comprehensive exhibition of Mr. Valli’s concept of contemporary bridal dressing, inviting his audience to witness the manifestation of his vision, translated into a presentation that embodies the essence of individuality, sharing a dream and a celebration and love.

The fashion show featured ten dresses from the third “Love Collection,” ten iconic silhouettes from the first and second “Love Collections” and ten Haute Couture creations, inspiring the magnificence and the savoir-faire of the Ateliers, stepping away from classic wedding rituals and focusing on the significance of the emotions of the “moment” and the joys of celebrations. Infused with the Maison’s idyllic aesthetic and excellence, Valli’s dresses stood out with a contemporary edge, whether through clean lines, unforgettable volumes or unexpected details inspired by the personalities of an imaginary new group – Mr. Valli’s friends. This blend of classic and modern appeals to many brides worldwide looking for a unique wedding gown, in pure Valli style and tied to their own personal storytelling.

The prestigious designer was delighted after the show and said that, “I chose Barcelona and Bridal Fashion Week for the debut of my Love Collection 3 because it is an event that attracts a diverse audience of fashion enthusiasts, designers, buyers and media from all over the world, and provides me with maximum global visibility and opportunities for success.” He added, “In addition, Barcelona’s romantic and cosmopolitan atmosphere matches perfectly with the theme of my collection, which celebrates love and romance.”

The Barcelona Bridal Night had a luxurious audience and front row, including it-girl, model and international fashion icon Olivia Palermo, model and countess Lara Cosima Henckel von Donnersmarck, stylist and designer Pelayo Diaz, actress Hiba Abouk, actress and model Blanca Romero, model Marco Llorente, and TV hostess and actress Marta Torné, among other personalities.

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Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed attends launch of ‘Medeem’ initiative

ABU DHABI: H.H. Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Chairman of the Presidential Court for Development and Martyrs Families affairs, has attended the launch of the Medeem initiative.

Developed by the Department of Community Development (DCD), the initiative aims to support UAE Nationals to adopt and preserve Emirati values, while providing services to support in the planning of affordable weddings and preparations for married life.

H.H. praised the ongoing efforts by DCD to provide guidance and support for UAE Nationals, facilitating the development of happy and healthy families that contribute to building a cohesive society in line with the Abu Dhabi Family Wellbeing Strategy.

Specifically designed for citizens of Abu Dhabi, Medeem provides guidance and support to ensure that every marriage is built on solid foundations. In so doing, the initiative hopes to facilitate happy and healthy families that contribute to a strong and stable society.

Spanning a wide variety of qualitative projec
ts aimed at young people for those about to marry, families, parents, and businesses and professionals in the wedding industry, Medeem is one of the key initiatives that supports the aims of the Abu Dhabi Strategy for Quality of Family Life.

Medeem consists of four main pillars: Medeem Center for Family Flourishing, the Medeem Benefits Program, the Medeem Digital Platform and the Medeem Wedding Model.

The Medeem Center for Family Flourishing is providing further ways for Medeem to achieve its goals. It will provide an array of services and programmes for those who are about to marry and emerging families who are progressing through their journey together. Set to launch during the second quarter of 2024, innovative family guidance, family mediation, and post-divorce counseling services will all be delivered by specialised and qualified staff in the fields of marital relations and family and psychological counselling.

The Medeem Center for Family Flourishing particularly supports betrothed couples during the
pre-wedding phase. The pillar guides couples through all psychological, social, and financial steps involved with marriage, and provides them with advice on how to properly establish their joint married life, form cohesive families, and practice positive parenting with the aim of raising morally guided children who actively contribute to the local community.

The Medeem Benefits Program offers a package of special offers and exclusive discounts for those who are about to get married.

The Medeem Digital Platform presents a wide choice of services and educational materials for young couples who are about to get married and are looking to securely establish their joint marital life. The platform also helps newlyweds comprehensively plan how to form cohesive families and raise children who contribute to building and developing society.

The third pillar of the initiative is the Medeem Wedding Model for Women’s Weddings. Inspired by the local Emirati community and created in cooperation with more than 25 partners
from the public and private sectors, the reimagined model for female weddings invites up to five families to come together and collectively share in the joys of the wedding experience over several days. Delivered under stringent sustainability standards and using innovative waste-reduction methods, the model is designed to have a positive impact on the environment. As the total cost is split equally between each couple, it’s also an extremely economical wedding solution that reduces the financial strain placed on citizens, and encourages the formation of lasting and blessed marriages.

Dr Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, Chairman of the Department of Community Development (DCD), emphasised that His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, is passionate about providing a high quality of life for all his citizens, and investing in human beings, the real wealth of the nation, and the key to its comprehensive and sustainable development.

He added that this initiative reflected the approach ado
pted by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan who believed in the importance of helping young people build families. Medeem’s ambition to facilitate marriages and reduce the costs and burdens of weddings reflects his vision and emphasises the importance of sustaining the authentic values of Emirati culture.

He appreciated the great efforts made by Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of the General Women’s Union, President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation, and Mother of the Nation, in order to support the country’s youth, enhance the stability and growth of the Emirati family, and create a healthy family environment that provides care, proper upbringing of children, and consolidating the stability and prosperity of society.

The Medeem initiative was inspired by the wise words of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan who once said: “Since the dawn of our national endeavours, we have persistently strived to s
hape an environment that supports family stability and underscores the indispensable role of families in our societal fabric and national identity.”

Source: Emirates News Agency

Over 14,000 Palestinian Children Killed in Israeli Aggression on Gaza, UNICEF Announces

The number of children who have been killed in the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip has surpassed 14,000, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said on Friday.

“Current reports indicate that more than 14,000 boys and girls have been killed in Gaza,” UNICEF spokesman James Elder said in a post on X.

“Perhaps we should say it slowly: Fourteen thousand,” adding, “Perhaps we should do something, and it is certainly not a military attack in Rafah,” and called for an “immediate ceasefire” in the Strip, Elder added.

He called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, emphasizing that the figures of casualties do not reveal the real magnitude of the catastrophe that was inflicted upon the Palestinians, particularly children and women, especially that the victims and missing are still underneath the rubble, something strongly suggests that death toll is far more than the figures being announced by the Ministry of Health in Gaza.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Jordanian Foreign Minister Stresses Importance of De-Escalation in Middle East

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi emphasized, during a phone call on Friday with his Iranian counterpart Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, the need for de-escalation of the dangerous situation facing the Middle East region, stressing that his country will not afford to see its airspace being breached by any party.

During the call, Safadi highlighted that the current escalation between Iran and Israel will deflect the attention of the international community away from the efforts of stopping the Israeli aggression on Gaza, affirming that efforts must focus on ending the brutal aggression on the strip.

He expressed Jordans condemnation of all acts that trigger a regional war, demanding for the cessation of the Israeli-Iranian escalation.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Israeli Entity Hits Areas in Southern Lebanon

The Israeli entity has renewed its targeting of the southern areas of Lebanon through launching two airstrikes on the towns of Al-Mansouri and Aitaroun without reported casualties.

The Israeli fighter jets launched an airstrike on Al-Mansouri and thereafter targeted Aitaroun without reported casualties among residents, field sources reported.

The two airstrikes came shortly after the Israeli fighter jets launched an airstrike on Ayta ash Shab village resulting in killing one person.

Since the start of the aggression on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli entity has been escalating the tensions in south Lebanon through launching airstrikes, along with artillery shelling in towns and villages resulting in the killing of dozens of civilians, injuring others and forcing thousands of them to flee their homes.

Source: Qatar News Agency