Lebanese Resistance: new rules paving way for great victory of Palestinian Resistance

It seems important to reiterate that all the military and intelligence measures taken by the Zionist enemy entity to prevent the Islamic resistance in Lebanon, led by Hezbollah, from continuing its military operations in support of the Gaza Strip and in support of its resistance, have not borne fruit, in the face of the development and steadfastness of this resistance, its persistence on the ground and its outstanding ability to confront the Zionist enemy army.

More than 200 days after the outbreak of confrontations on October 8 between the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon and the Zionist enemy army, this usurping entity realized that it would be difficult to disengage between the Lebanon front and the Gaza front, which inevitably means that the northern front will remain open until Stop the Zionist aggression against the Gaza Strip.

Accordingly, the results of the operations carried out by the Lebanese resistance since it entered al-Aqsa flood line confirm that in this confrontation the resistance broke old
equations that the enemy worked to stabilize with iron, fire and massacres, and established new rules that will pave the way for the next great victory for the Palestinian resistance.

Although the Zionist entity is trying to present itself as the victor in the political and field equations of the Gaza war, the current reality indicates that the Lebanese resistance achieved its goals step by step in the northern occupied Palestinian territories with exemplary focus and precision, based on the valuable experience it gained from the 33-day war in 2006.

In this regard, Zionist circles acknowledged that the Lebanese resistance still has the upper hand in the northern part of the occupied Palestinian territories and that the Zionist army is besieged in this region.

So-called former head of the Zionist National Security Council Yaakov Amidror said ‘The amount of missiles and other means that Hezbollah still has is a huge amount, and Israel has not come close to harming its limbs.’

Amidror stressed, according to
Zionist Channel 14, that ‘the time has not come for a war in the north, continuing ‘We must not be busy in Gaza and Lebanon as well.’

He recalled that ‘in the north there are 80,000 Zionist settlers living as refugees, and in order to return them to their homes, either the Americans will conclude a diplomatic agreement or the army will be forced to use force.’

Amidror added ‘Then we do not know how it begins and we do not know how it ends, and we must Prepare for a big war.”

He stressed that the operations of the Zionist entity do not affect Hezbollah’s fighting efficiency, and entering into a major war against Hezbollah is a completely different story and another level of difficulty, pointing out that ‘what happened on both sides of the border fence are tactical operations and have no practical or strategic impact.’

For his part, head of the Regional Council in the Upper GalileeGiora Salz said ‘The north is empty, and there are no hikers, because everyone is afraid to come here.’

Salz continued ‘What Ga
llant said and what the military analysts are saying has no importance to the residents of the north who were evacuated,’ adding: the ‘Israel’ government must take a decision that in the summer the residents in the north must return to their homes.’

In turn, the military correspondent on the Zionist Wallah website warned of losing air superiority in Lebanese airspace, stressing that this would greatly harm the capabilities of gathering intelligence information.

Military correspondent on “Walla” website Amir Bohbot touched on the shooting down of a Zionist drone in the airspace of al-Aishiya area, and what happened in “Arab al-Aramsha” after a Hezbollah drone targeted the new headquarters of the reconnaissance company of the Western Brigade, “146th Division,” saying Hezbollah succeeds in striking Israel.

A few days ago, the Zionist enemy media revealed the extent of the damage to the settlements in the north, which had become ‘completely deserted.’

In this context, the Zionist newspaper “Yedioth Ahronoth”
confirmed that “Israel’s strategic goal, which is to remove Radwan force in Hezbollah from the border so that the residents of the north can return to their homes, has not been achieved.”

The newspaper said in a report “The settlements are empty. After half a year of war, there is no end in sight in the north.”

In the context of the Zionist entity’s continuous threats to expand bombing towards Lebanese territory, Hezbollah responded to these threats, stressing that ‘the resistance is ready to confront any expansion of the front and has sent field messages in the past few days to the enemy about its preparations.’

Sources in the party added ‘Regardless of the seriousness of these threats or whether they are considered exaggeration, such statements will not change anything in Hezbollah’s position in support of Gaza.’

It is important here to point out that the operations that took place a few days ago and targeted sites where soldiers were gathered and vital Zionist targets, specifically observation and spy
towers, in addition to military and security headquarters, confirm that the Lebanese resistance is determined to complete its support of Gaza in the manner it deems appropriate, with the appropriate weapons, with the amount of fire, and at the appropriate locations and to the geographical extent that it deems appropriate.

Therefore, the most prominent messages carried by Hezbollah’s targeting of the Golani Brigade’s headquarters and Egoz unit in the Sharaga barracks, northern Akka, using both occupation and attack aircraft, in response to the assassination of martyr Hussein Azqul in Aadloun area in the south, is to inform the Zionist enemy of the Lebanese deterrence weapon that it is waiting for, according to the ‘with expanded expansion’ equation confirmed by Secretary-General of Hezbollah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

That means that the new rules of engagement were sufficient to show the image of Zionist deterrence in front of Hezbollah as it really is, if the enemy decides to invade the city of Rafah and con
tinue the aggression against Lebanon, the military rollback, according to the rules of the past few days, will be the most likely scenario in southern Lebanon, where the fists are pulled on the trigger to pay without any deterrent, or calculations, for everything that prevailed previously.

Source: Yemen News Agency

New advanced AI development base launches in China

SHANDONG: The North Artificial Intelligence Digital Base has recently been launched in the Weihai Economic Development Zone, East China’s Shandong province, which aims to give full play to advanced AI and big data technologies and continuously contribute to the development of new quality productive forces.

According to a report by China Daily, the digital base is dedicated to delivering high-quality, scenario-based data services to AI enterprises, thereby facilitating the upgrade of industries and boosting the growth of the local digital economy. Presently, the base hosts six companies, with an additional ten expected to join shortly.

‘With top talents and other high-quality resources in place, the digital base will serve as an innovative platform that facilitates the integration of industry, academia and research. Its global influence will also continue to be elevated,’ said Duan Qingmei, General Manager of the Shandong Qiyuan Data Technology Co Ltd, a key member of the base.

The Appen Data Technology Co,
a world-leading AI training data provider, said it plans to settle in the digital base because Weihai is a city endowed with abundant educational resources.

Tian Xiaopeng, Appen’s global vice president, said the company provides multiple data types such as image, text, speech, audio, and video, and has carried out in-depth cooperation with the leading Chinese Internet and Autonomous vehicle companies, as well as phone manufacturers.

Against such a backdrop, the Weihai Economic Development Zone will continue to promote reform and innovation, thereby accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system and optimising the local market environment, said Wang Qi, Deputy Director of the zone’s Management Committee.

Source: Emirates News Agency

Hamdan bin Mohamed bin Zayed attends DRIFTx exhibition, reviews preparations ahead of Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League

ABU DHABI: H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan has attended the inaugural edition of Abu Dhabi Mobility Week at Yas Marina Circuit.

During the visit, Sheikh Hamdan toured the DRIFTx exhibition, which is showcasing the latest technology and solutions in the field of autonomous vehicles. His Highness visited a number of local and international company pavilions and discussed the latest technology and solutions in the field.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohamed bin Zayed met with some of Abu Dhabi’s strategic partners to continue building partnerships that support and accelerate the growth of the smart and autonomous vehicles sector at the Smart and Autonomous Vehicles Industry (SAVI) cluster in Masdar City.

He also reviewed preparations ahead of the inaugural Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League (A2RL), which will take place on 27 April at Yas Marina Circuit as part of the Abu Dhabi Mobility Week.

In addition, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohamed met with a group of young UAE school students participating in A2RL’s
STEM Race. The competition will see students from 18 schools showcase their coding skills on 1:8 scale models of autonomous cars. He commended the students on their technical expertise and creativity and emphasised the UAE leadership’s commitment to nurturing young talent as a key pillar of Abu Dhabi’s thriving future industries.

H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohamed bin Zayed was accompanied by Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa, Chairman of the Department of Municipalities and Transport; and Ahmed Jasem Al Zaabi, Chairman of the Department of Economic Development.

Organised by the Department of Municipalities and Transport, Abu Dhabi Mobility Week has gathered global industry leaders, manufacturers and operators to discuss the future of transportation and smart city technologies, and includes DRIFTx, Mobility LIVE ME, Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League (A2RL), research and development activities and community events.

Source: Emirates News Agency

Queen of Pahang State, Anwar Gargash attend premiere of ‘Children in the UAE’ film

ABU DHABI: Queen Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah, Consort of the King of Malaysia and Queen of Pahang State, attended the premiere of the film ‘Children in the UAE,’ at the Supreme Motherhood and Childhood Council’s theatre in Abu Dhabi.

The event was also attended by Dr. Anwar Gargash, Diplomatic Adviser to the UAE President, Dr. Haifa Abu Ghazalah, Assistant Secretary-General and President of the Social Affairs Sector at the Arab League, and Al Reem bint Abdullah Al Falasi, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, as well as several officials and children.

The movie showcases the compelling narratives of children who thrive in an environment that fosters their holistic growth, shaping their abilities and characters. It also underscores the nation’s dedication to nurturing these young minds and offers an in-depth view of the enhancement of children’s educational, cultural, social, and athletic talents.

Furthermore, it calls upon the community to nurture and protect i
ts youth, while showcasing advancements and innovations in pedagogical and social development practices.

The film shows a deep and insightful vision of how the UAE integrates international standards in children’s rights within its legislative and executive framework, enhancing its position as a pioneer in the field. It shows the reality and achievements that have been made and the roadmap for the future that the state seeks to build for future generations.

The film was produced by the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, under the oversight of the council’s Secretary-General, and directed by Aisha Al Zaabi.

Al Falasi pointed out that the film underscored the UAE’s dedication to advancing children’s rights and skill development. ‘The project mirrors our profound commitment to crafting a secure and enriching environment that guarantees the growth and holistic development of every child in the UAE.’

She emphasised that investing in the early years is crucial for a sustainable future, and the UAE is
committed to ensuring all rights and opportunities that bolster children’s capabilities and inspire them to realise their utmost potential.

Furthermore, she mentioned that the film’s goal is to elevate consciousness and serve as an exemplar for communities globally. She aspired for ‘Children in the UAE’ to galvanise more global initiatives to safeguard children’s rights and foster discussions on the most effective practices in this arena.

Al Falasi expressed her gratitude to all those involved in the film’s creation and anticipated its significant role in advocating children’s rights within the UAE and globally, laying the groundwork for a brighter future for our youth and the coming generations.

Source: Emirates News Agency

Hamdan bin Zayed receives citizens at Al Sila’ City Majlis, visits citizen Saeed Saif Al Mansoori at his home

AL SILA: H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler’s Representative in Al Dhafra Region, received at Al Sila’ City Majlis a number of citizens to check on their wellbeing and the services provided to them.

During the meeting, Sheikh Hamdan listened to the opinions and viewpoints of citizens regarding the services provided to them. He also inquired about their well-being and was briefed on the progress of work in various essential service sectors currently being implemented.

H.H. Sheikh Hamdan and the audience engaged in friendly conversations that demonstrated the depth of the bond between the UAE wise leadership and their people, and their desire to keep track of Emiratis’ personal affairs, attend to their needs, and improve the developmental services offered to them.

On the other hand, Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed visited citizen Saeed Saif Al Hudayli Al Mansoori at his home in Al Sila’ City.

Citizen Saeed Al Mansoori warmly welcomed Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed to his home, expressing his and his family’s jo
y and gratitude for the visit, and emphasising the happiness of the people in the region, viewing this visit as a symbol of the strong bonds of communication and unity that define UAE society. Al Mansoori highlighted how this gesture exemplifies the noble relationship between the leadership and the people, reflecting the principles of solidarity and connection that characterize the nation.

Sheikh Hamdan stressed the significance of maintaining open communication with citizens on all occasions and gaining a deep understanding of their needs, highlighting the commitment of the wise leadership to fulfil all requirements and necessities for the advancement and development of the community.

For their part, citizens of Al Sila’ City expressed their happiness at meeting Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed and valued his attention and follow-up, lauding his permanent keenness to communicate with them and meet their needs.

Nasser Mohammed Al Mansouri, Under-Secretary of the Ruler’s Representative’s Court in the Al Dhafra Regio
n, and a number of senior officials in Al Dhafra Region, attended the reception.

Source: Emirates News Agency