Interior Minister: Jordan is a safe, stable country amidst volatile region, 1st, final add

Faraya noted that there is great cooperation and coordination between the Ministry of Interior and its counterparts in Iraq and Syria, but each country has its own capabilities and capacities, but each country must bear the burden of preventing any attempt to smuggle, pointing out that the quantities of narcotic substances seized during the first four months of this year, compared to last year, increased by about 6 million Captagon pills, most of which are directed to the Arab Gulf countries.

On the internal security situation, the Minister of Interior said that the crime rate in Jordan is within normal limits, the impact of the war on Gaza is minimal, and the government’s position is fully consistent with the position of the public, as Jordan has done everything it can politically and humanly to stand with the brothers in Gaza, and His Majesty King Abdullah II has moved diplomatically since the first day of the aggression to pressure towards stopping this war, as all Jordanians are united in solidarity to s
tand with the brothers in Gaza.

He added: “A strong Jordan is the only way to do more for our brothers and sisters in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. We are keen to support the Palestinian National Authority to enable it to confront Israeli arrogance, as stability in the West Bank is very important for Jordan’s national security,” Faraya added.

On the 2024 parliamentary elections, Faraya stressed that the elections are a constitutional entitlement and holding the elections is proof of the government’s confidence in itself and its citizens in implementing all constitutional entitlements, noting that the Ministry of Interior is working on preparing voter lists to be ready before May 26, to proceed with the rest of the procedures set by the Independent Elections Commission.

Faraya described the 2024 elections as qualitative, as it includes for the first time a national party list, and all licensed parties have equal opportunities, and the greatest burden is on the citizen to choose a representative who expresse
s the opinions of his constituents.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Warm weather forecast almost nationwide until Tuesday-JMD

Amman: The weather on Saturday will be warm almost countrywide and relatively hot in the desert, the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and Aqaba, Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) said in its daily update.

According to the JMD report, Sunday will see a slight rise in temperatures and almost similar weather is forecast as the day earlier.

The weather on Monday and Tuesday will substantially remain unchanged as the two earlier days.

Also today, temperatures in the capital Amman will hit a high of 32 degrees Celsius and a low of 17?, while the port city of Aqaba will see a scorching 40? during the day, sliding to 24? at night.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Interior Minister: Jordan is a safe, stable country amidst volatile region

Amman: Interior Minister Mazen Faraya said that Jordan is a safe and stable country amid an inflamed region, “and security has a relative indicator that depends on the size of the threats and challenges that surround us.

Speaking to a dialogue session, organized on Saturday by the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), Faraya said that the nature and volume of smuggling indicate that the matter is more than purely financial for smugglers, especially on the northern border because there are areas outside the control of the Syrian state, which created a fertile environment for some groups and organizations that are trying to finance themselves at any cost.

“We do not have material or tangible evidence confirming that a specific country is behind the smuggling of drugs into Jordan,” Faraya added, noting that any border area in the world witnesses infiltration and smuggling attempts, “and we in Jordan, through cooperation and coordination between the armed forces and security and official agencies, are able to count
er these attempts, and indeed we have succeeded in preventing many attempts to smuggle narcotic substances towards neighboring countries, despite the increase in these attempts, especially on the northern and eastern borders.”

“The smugglers who are caught are not aware of the details of the operation except that they are required to carry out something specific from stage A to stage B, Faraya said, pointing out that attempts to smuggle weapons into Jordan are aimed at trafficking and other matters, and are confronted with strict measures.

Source: Jordan News Agency

21,000 wounded, sick people need to travel outside Gaza for treatment, say Strip’s Gov’t media office

Gaza: In an update of the most important statistics of the genocidal war waged by the Israeli occupation on the Gaza Strip for the 225th day, the government media office in Gaza said that 11,000 wounded people need to travel to treatment for operations and 10,000 cancer patients are facing death and need treatment.

There are 1.95 million Palestinians who suffer from infectious diseases as a result of displacement, and 20,000 cases of hepatitis and viral epidemics due to displacement, the office said in a statement on Saturday.

It emphasized that 60,000 pregnant women are at risk due to a lack of health care, and 350,000 people with chronic diseases are at risk due to the ban on the entry of medicines.

Source: Jordan News Agency

Israeli shelling on central Gaza kills 4 Palestinians

Gaza: Four Palestinians were martyred after Israeli occupation forces shelled areas in central Gaza Strip.

Medical sources said that 3 Palestinians were martyred and others, including children, were injured in an Israeli shelling targeting east of Al-Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza Strip, and a Palestinian was martyred near the prisoners’ towers in central Gaza Strip, after the occupation forces shot at him.

Source: Jordan News Agency