The head of Hezbollah’s parliamentary bloc, MP Mohammad Raad, said Sunday that his group is ‘reassured’ over the course of its conflict with Israel.

‘The resistance is escalating its operations against the Israeli enemy to a certain level in order to preserve the deterrence equation,’ Raad said.

Hezbollah is doing this ‘so that the enemy does not fantasize that it has become capable and prepared to pounce on Lebanon and achieve its illusions in it,’ the lawmaker added.

‘Accordingly, we will emerge victorious when we thwart the enemy’s goals,’ Raad went on to say.

Since October 8, the cross-border fighting between Israel and Hezbollah has killed at least 419 people in Lebanon, mostly militants but also including 82 civilians.

Israel says 14 soldiers and 11 civilians have been killed on its side of the border.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon

Iran requests a night vision helicopter from Turkey

The Turkish Crisis Management Organization announced that Iran requested, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a search and rescue helicopter with night vision from our country, and it was sent.

/32 / mountain search and rescue personnel and 6 vehicles left from the administrations of Van and Erzurum Avat provinces to reach the area.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Al-Araji meets with the Permanent Representative of Iraq to (UNESCO)

The National Security Advisor, Qasim Al-Araji, met in his office today, Sunday, with the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Iraq to the United Nations (UNESCO), Ambassador Asaad Turki Sawari.

The National Security Chencellry stated in a statement, ‘Al-Araji discussed with Sawari the international community’s support for Iraq’s trends in the files and issues that UNESCO is working on, in addition to emphasizing continued cooperation between the organization and Iraqi government institutions, to empower the sectors that the organization supports inside the country.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

The first flights of pilgrims to the Holy House of God taken off from Basra International Airport to perform Hajj rituals

The first flights of pilgrims to the Holy House of God to perform Hajj rituals took off this morning from Basra International Airport.

The director of Basra Airport, Abdul Hussein Mohsen, told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that the flights of pilgrims to the Holy House of God began at dawn today from the governorates of Basra, Dhi Qar, and Maysan, and on two flights, the first includes 240 male and female pilgrims, while the second flight includes 336 male and female pilgrims, indicating that there will be other flights tomorrow at the same time.

Mohsen added that “our preparations are continuing to provide the best services to pilgrims to perform Hajj rituals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, despite the rehabilitation work that the airport has been witnessing for some time for the purpose of development.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency