Youth-centric legislation “important” for upcoming Nat’l Assembly formation

Developing the youth and harnessing their capabilities is an important task ahead for those reaching the Abdullah Al-Salem hall after the 2023 National Assembly election, said an academic on Friday.

Speaking to KUNA, Econometrics professor Dr. Abdullah Al-Shami said the increasing number of 25-26 aged youth eligible for work required the upcoming parliament to legislate laws that would harness their skills for the betterment of the country.

He stressed the importance of establishing more government-run universities in addition to producing more national cadres to cover jobs in the health sector.

Forming government-owned companies and hiring Kuwaiti youth would hopefully prove beneficial to the country and its people, said Al-Shami who called on the future parliament to put that into consideration.

On his part, head of the Kuwait Youth Assembly — a consultative entity — Nawaf Al-Azmi stressed that development could not be achieved unless there was stability, especially in parliament.

The National Assembly must and should focus on youth-centric matters and issues for the country to develop in the future, affirmed the official, saying that obstacles facing the youth must not be left unresolved.

He revealed that he was looking forward to cooperation amongst the legislative and executive authorities, saying that such collaboration would stabilize and would enable youths to shine and excel in each of their respective fields.

Source: Kuwait News Agency